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Review from JOMP

The latest issue issue of JOMP features an essay by Rich Dengrove about the Sixties counterculture and its effect on his life, entitled “The Hippies”. He credits my short story mini-collection, Through Their Strange Hours, with inspiring the essay and begins it with a review of the stories. I’m reprinting that portion of the essay […]

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Review of TTSH in Windy City Reviews

Windy City Reviews recently posted a review of my e-book, Through Their Strange Hours, and I’m pasting it in below: Book Review: Through Their Strange Hours Through Their Strange Hours. Kent McDaniel. 52 pgs. The e-book is $0.99 and available at B&N.com, iBooks, The Kobo Store, Smashwords, and Amazon. Reviewed by Mike O’Meary. Storytelling that […]

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Self-publishing an e-Book

I’ve always been leery of self-publishing. For one thing, I dislike the idea of paying someone to publish my work. I feel it should be the other way around. Besides which, I know that the vast majority–and I mean vast–of self-published books sell almost nothing. Maybe a couple hundred copies if the writer’s lucky. When […]

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