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To KDP Select or Not to…

The Kind Direct Publishing (KDP) Select program is one under which an author gives Amazon exclusive right to distribute his or her book. The most touted advantage of this is that it allows the writer to give away copies of the book, in the Kindle store for a period of five days every three months. […]

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Where to get JIMMY STU LIVES!

           There are a lot of posts on the blog here about my novel, Jimmy Stu Lives!. Unfortunately none of them really tell you where to get the book, so I’m going to rectify that, but let me give you a thumbnail synopsis:         Jimmy Stu Sloan, minister of a nondenominational mega-church in Nashville, loses his […]

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Preliminary Cover Sketches for JIMMY STU LIVES!

My novel Jimmy Stu Lives!, a satire set in the framework of a science-fiction adventure, should be coming out sometime next month from Penumbra Publishing (www.penumbrapublishing.com) . Joe Staton, an artist whose work I very much admire, is doing the cover for it. Joe and I were both in Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA ) back in the Sixties […]

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