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Outre’ #5

  The cover above is  from Outre #5, which ran through mailing 34 of The Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA), circa 1968. Ned Brooks, official archivist of of SFPA, was kind enough to provide it for me, along with the text below from the issue . Science-fiction fanzines then and now came in two general types: genzines and apazines. […]

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Outre’ #1: Cover, flash fiction, natter.

Back in the mists of prehistory when I was fifteen, I edited Outre’ #1, the first of six issues of that zine and the first fanzine I ever edited. Probably I should just let sleeping BEMs lie. Lots of zine editors from back in Sixties would rather their first effort remain unseen, and that’s not […]

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 The other day I ran across a copy of Outre #4 , a SF fanzine I published in 1969 for the Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA). Took me back, allright. The cover is by Glen Brock, who was also in SFPA at the time, and I think it’s pretty cool Sixties fanzine art. A lot of energy in that […]

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