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Review from Oblio

JIMMY STU LIVES! By Kent McDaniel. Penumbra Publishing. 2012. Cover by Joe Staton. Jimmy Stu Sloan is a succesful preacher who has a thriving mega church and a loyal flock of believers. But all is not well with the reverend. He has health problems and isn’t as strong of a believer as most of his […]

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Gary’s Top Comic Books (of 2012)

The following post is by Gary Brown and is reprinted from his zine, Oblio. Each year I take some time to look back on the previous 12 months and pontificate on what I think were the best dozen comic books of that period. As in the past, I remind my readers that these are MY […]

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           Last August I rejoined SFPA, which stands for Southern Fandaom PressAlliance.  A couple different times back  in the mists of prehistory, I was in SFPA, the first time, when I was fifteen.  (Dave Hulan was OE first time I joined.) I said it was in the mists of prehistory. I was never the most active (or illustrious) member, but […]

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