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Review of TTSH in Windy City Reviews

Windy City Reviews recently posted a review of my e-book, Through Their Strange Hours, and I’m pasting it in below: Book Review: Through Their Strange Hours Through Their Strange Hours. Kent McDaniel. 52 pgs. The e-book is $0.99 and available at B&N.com, iBooks, The Kobo Store, Smashwords, and Amazon. Reviewed by Mike O’Meary. Storytelling that […]

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All The Alligators

One evening back in the mists of prehistory (the early 1970s), my friend Tom Naue and I were sitting around Papa Caesars in Carbondale, in its original location across from the island, just off of Southern Illinois Avenue. Tom was a smart, irrevent semi-tough guy from Elgin who told things like they were, always, and we were pals. […]

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Absolutely Zeke’s Blues

This originally appeared in Downstate Stories in 2006. It’s a strange mainstream story or perhaps slipstream, deptending on how you see it. ABSOLUTELY ZEKE’S BLUES Monday night at Captain Ahab’s, six customers were in the bar, and one was applauding after each song I did. But then I knew him, and he probably wanted a […]

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