The guy who counts votes Tuesday gets lobbying deals from Rahm.

Fred Klonsky


Chairman of the Chicago Board of Elections, Langdon Neal.

Look. Nobody believes the Chicago Tribune polls. The last one showed Rahm with a 28 point lead.

That is laughable.

I ran into my friend Don the other day who predicts Chuy will win by six to seven points.

That may be optimistic.

Most believe it will be close.

It is Rahm’s millions against a mostly seat-of-the pants grass roots movement.

Of course, that is what grass roots movements are.

Yet we do win, surprising some but never surprising me.

If it is close, know that the guy counting the ballots is Chicago elections board chairman Langdon Neal.

Langdon Neal makes a lot money from deals with Rahm.

The City’s few real investigative reporters, Ben and Mick, wrote about this last year.

I was reminded of this again earlier this week, when I read the Tribune‘s fine story about the heavy-hitting…

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