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“I made a mistake.”

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky: Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson tries to join protesters. Another riot nearly ensues. . The other day Rahm said he made a mistake. He’s made many. But he only copped to one: Naming the planned north side selective admission high school after Barack Obama. “In my rush to honor…

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Time Is A blue Sky

Originally posted on Dumbfounding Stories:
ABOUT TIME, COVER I wrote “Time Is A blue Sky” around 1975, and finally got around to recording it (for About Time) in 2000. It was last summer, August of 2014, though, before I ever got around to playing it out. I don’t know why. I work in mysterious ways–like you…

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Rahm’s paid “volunteers.”

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:
Karen Lewis comes to Logan Square tomorrow. Training for her volunteers starts Saturday. The problem for Rahm is that Chicago politics is not like it was in the old days. When Dick Mell ran this ward, if you wanted a job with the city you had to “volunteer” to, among…

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