Lily Eskelesen Garcia. Duncan policies are indefensible.

I’ve never understood how President Obama could’ve have chosen a dimwit like Arne Duncan as his Secretary of Education. It’s a mystery right up there with how a supposed supporter of the middle class like Obama can support Charter Schools, which serve no purpose except busting the teachers’ unions.

Fred Klonsky


NEA President-elect Lily Eskelsen Garcia and an amateur basketball player.

– Salon

Other than being unfair to individual teachers, does basing evaluations and school ratings on test scores hurt students too?

Using test scores is basically saying to educators, “Hit your number or you get punished.” Or even worse, “Hit your number in El Paso, if you’re an administrator, and we’ll give you a bunch of money.” That would encourage the administrator to use a push-out program for low-scoring students like those who don’t speak English. That’s what Lorenzo Garcia did as district superintendent in El Paso, and he is in jail now. He was the first person to go to jail for lining his pocket with bonus dollars because he could hit his numbers. And he made presentations about how you can “light a fire under lazy teachers to get those numbers up.” But what really happened is he…

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