“It’s done!” said State Representative Robyn Gabel.

Fred tells it like it is–always. Educators if you’re not following his blog, you should be.

Fred Klonsky


State Representative and pension thief Robyn Gabel.

“It’s done!” said State Representative Robyn Gabel to the two dozen or so local representatives at the IPACE endorsement hearings this morning.

She was talking about pension theft and Senate Bill 1.

The words had that tone of, “Get over it. Move on.” 

Like she was talking to an old lover who she had just dumped.

As in, “Don’t you get it. I’m just not that into you.”

Unfortunately for her she was responding to a group of very unforgiving former lovers.

Joining her this morning were 27-year veteran State Representative Lou Lang, State Senator Dan Biss and State Representative Laura Fine.

John D’Amico didn’t show.

We were meeting to decide whether to give them IPACE endorsements for the November election.

Due to the process requirements of IPACE, the political PAC of the Illinois Education Association, I’m not permitted to say how the endorsement votes…

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