@ Silvies, the night before Easter

@ Silvies, the night before Easter

The video below was recorded Saturday, May 14 at Silvies on Chicago’s north side with a Zoom video recorder.  That’s John Temmerman on sax, Dorothy McDaniel on bass, Alpha Stewart on percussion, and me on guitar. Man, all three of my cohorts did themselves proud on this number. The surprise thunderclap after the song was a mysterious gift, courtesy of my effects box.

Silvies is a mellow room, and that was a fine night. I enjoyed our set and the sets that followed by Rabrija and Minus One Quintet.


We recorded another live version of “Summertime” previously, on our Live at Custer Street album. Robert Marshall of The Cave Recording captured that one on Pro Tools at Custer Street Fair, each instrument on a separate track, so he was able to tweak the EQ and levels afterward. I’m amazed that the audio levels and EQ on the video, which came straight from the camera, are just about as good. The sound on a Zoom is pretty awesome, and the sound man that night knew his stuff. Anyhow, if you’d like to compare the two versions, click on the icon below, which will play the cut from Live at Custer Street.



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