Impressionistic painting of Hoboken Train Station off to a good start

It’s interesting that an artist (or writer) can be inspired to create a work and then produce something good and still find him or herself not that into it halfway through and feeling like now they’re just trying to get the thing done . It seems like the excitement ought to just mount.

But been there, done that.


artwork of train terminal

by Robert Conway

Well I am off to the races on this train station painting that I finally started like two weeks ago and I am pretty sure it is half way finished, which never happens to me, usually a painting takes me an extremely long time to complete, its like writing a freaking opera. The difference with this new work is that it is in a more impressionistic style so I do not have to worry about doing all that detailing that always bogs me down. This has been a bit of a revelation, I am going to do more paintings in this style from now on because just sticking to the realism is a long drawn out journey and this will help me get more works complete for my next show.

The one draw back is with this work is the fact that I am just not that into it…

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