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One Less Elvis (and Other Stories)

I have a new e-book out, One Less Elvis (and Other Stories). It features five crime stories and/or tales of folks pushed to the existential edge. I’m going to paste in the blurb from Smashwords below: The title story is a 10,000 word novelette set in Chicago in 1993. More specifically at the Anders Regency […]

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More Tomasewski

More Tomasewski; Del Staeker: Musa Publishing; Colorado Springs, CO; 2012; e-book, $3.99.             A series of stories involving Jake Thompson, aka Jan Tomasewski, More Tomasewski is great fun. Jake is good at catching crooks, bad at respecting authority. Which first got him exiled to the despised Administrative Investigations Unit (AIU) and eventually forced out of […]

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