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About “The Thrill is Gone”

Spring, 1970 I heard it the first time. It jumped from the car radio like a revelation: B. B.’s solo that kicks off “The Thrill Is Gone”. Man, that thing told the unvarnished truth without wasting a note. I bought the 45 that day. I played it till my stereo needle destroyed the grooves. The tune matched […]

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The Nanayang Polytechnic Symphony Orchestra Rocks Out

I’m posting a link to a  video I ran across. Singapore’s Nayang Polytchnic has a Symphony Orchestra. I don’t know what they usually play, but on this they’re rocking. Their exuberance  is wonderful. The piece they’re playing, “Rock n Roll It!” turned out to be by a fellow I know, Mike Reineking. He’s from my home town […]

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State corporate subsidies are double that of pension costs.

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:
  Washington Post: It’s easy to cast about for other big pots of money to raid when these kinds of shortfalls arise, and no politician wants to raise taxes. There is, however, another big expense that tends to get overlooked: The tax breaks states already hand out to corporations, on…

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