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Get it While It’s Hot

For the next month, my publisher has reduced the price of the e-book edition of my novel, Jimmy Stu Lives!, to $0.99. (No reduction on the trade paperback’s price, but the e-book’s a steal right now.) The book’s out there everywhere downloads of e-books are sold. A review of Jimmy Stu lIves! from Fenris is […]

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“Zombies Stink (And Vampires Suck)” LIVE

I’m posting video of a live performance of the above composition of mine, recorded in September at Silvies in Chicago. My Zoom was on the blink that night so we recorded with our iPad. The sound quality’s not as good as it would’ve been with the Zoom, but it’s not terrible. I think the fun […]

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An Amazing Cover

This cover, by George Schelling for the May, 1962 issue of Amazing Stories, is one of my all time favorite pieces of of sci-fi art. I’m not sure what I like so much about it. I suspect the composition is very nice. I also think that the colors and shading on the space station are […]

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