Our “Art Class”

I’m posting three drawings here, and I’ll tell you how they came to be.

mom's drawing

mom’s drawing

My mom, Alys McDaniel, was here in Chicago visiting last week, and she, my wife Dorothy and I decided it’d be fun to go to an art class at the The Levy Center a few minutes away, in Evanston. Back in the day, Mom was an art teacher and an artist, but for some reason since around the time she turned eighty– she’s ninety-six now–she’s really done very little art, almost none. Still she said it sounded like fun.

So Sunday night we went out to Half-price Books at The Village Crossing

Our sketchbook.

Our sketchbook.

Mall in Skokie and bought these cool sketchbooks, one for each of us. Monday morning we made it over to the Levy Center in time for the art class’s nine o’clock start time. We found only one other person in the art room, a lady who said she used to come to the class but hadn’t been there for a year or so. By around quarter after nine we were coming to the conclusion that class must’ve been cancelled that day, though the guy at the front desk who gave us directions to the art classroom must not have known.

Dorothy sketched this creature.

Dorothy sketched this creature.

Still, the art room was large and sunny and quiet and the three of us plus our new-found friend decided to stay and draw. We had a good morning, shooting the breeze and drawing away. We didn’t leave until we’d all finished drawing a picture and were getting hungry.
I don’t have our classmate’s drawing, which was of the view outside the
I drew a spaceship.       Vrooom!!

I drew a spaceship. Vrooom!!

windows, but I did scan the pictures Mom, Dorothy, and I did into the computer. Mom as I said is an artist and former art teacher. Dorothy and I have never entered an art competition, much less taught an art class, but we all had fun. Which is why people make art, I guess.

Dorothy & Mom, at Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Dorothy & Mom, at Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Mom & me, at Chicago Botanic Gardens

Mom & me, at Chicago Botanic Gardens

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