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Our “Art Class”

I’m posting three drawings here, and I’ll tell you how they came to be. My mom, Alys McDaniel, was here in Chicago visiting last week, and she, my wife Dorothy and I decided it’d be fun to go to an art class at the The Levy Center a few minutes away, in Evanston. Back in […]

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Zombies Stink (and Vampires Suck)

OK, I’ll state right now that I’ve enjoyed more than my share of both zombie and vampire tales. Still, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I think maybe, just maybe, both zombies and vampires have been have been overused for several years now–in books, movies, TV, and comics. One day it […]

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Outre’ #1: Cover, flash fiction, natter.

Back in the mists of prehistory when I was fifteen, I edited Outre’ #1, the first of six issues of that zine and the first fanzine I ever edited. Probably I should just let sleeping BEMs lie. Lots of zine editors from back in Sixties would rather their first effort remain unseen, and that’s not […]

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