The Law and Annabelle

the law & annaI suspect that I’m not exactly in the traditional target audience for romance fiction, but the blurb for The Law and Annabelle by L. K. Campbell did get my attention: the book sounded like an amalgam of western, romance fiction, and murder mystery. I thought, man, if you threw in some aliens or time travelers, you’d have about covered every base, genre-wise. Anyway the book is a fairly short novella and goes for $.99, so the investment of time and money it demanded was minimal. What the hell, I splurged and downloaded it. It’s actually the first romance fiction per se I’ve ever read.

And to my surprise, it caught my interest with the first page; the story hit the ground running and never flagged. Besides which, it had quite a bit more going for it. The spunky heroine was one to whom I could relate, the stakes for her were high, and the plot complications were handled well. I also admired Campbell’s spare prose–crisp and muscular, unlike what I was expecting in romance fiction. Campbell had also obviously researched her wild west setting well, and its details consistently rang true. And a murder mystery figured prominently in the plot, which is always good, far as I’m concerned.

All in all, the novella was throughly entertaining, a good read. My wife, who might more closely resemble most readers of romance fiction than I do, said that she enjoyed the story, too, so I feel pretty safe recommending it to aficionados of the genre. I think you’ll enjoy it.

The Law and Annabelle
is availabe for Kindle at and for all other formats at

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