Review from Revenant #75

Jimmy Stu Lives! by Kent McDaniel begins with a pastor who has lost his faith after losing his wife but is still trying to continue to lead his church. He has the advantage and disadvantage of being surrounded by people who believe in him and trust him. In his despair, the Reverend James Stuart Sloan tells his congregation God wants him to be cryogenically frozen so he can continue to do God’s work in the future. When he is brought back; the world needs him, but not in the way he might have thought. The United States is divided into different zones; one of which is run by the Church of the Living Lord, the successor to his own church. The people who bring him back want someone to save them from the tyranny of the church; Jimmy Stu just wants to figure out this world. I didn’t miss the irony of a man who has lost his faith being acclaimed as a savior; or the theme of the reluctant hero. Jimmy Stu may not be the type of messiah his rescuers were looking for; but he does a pretty good job of rescuing his new world.

Revenant is a Louisianna-based zine, edited by Shelia Strickland, a librarian and long time active science-fiction fan.

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3 Responses to “Review from Revenant #75”

  1. Shirley? Insert obligatory don’t call me Shirley joke here. More seriously, I’m glad you liked the review enough to run it here.

  2. Yours is a clever way of thkining about it.

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