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The Law and Annabelle

I suspect that I’m not exactly in the traditional target audience for romance fiction, but the blurb for The Law and Annabelle by L. K. Campbell did get my attention: the book sounded like an amalgam of western, romance fiction, and murder mystery. I thought, man, if you threw in some aliens or time travelers, […]

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Review from Revenant #75

Jimmy Stu Lives! by Kent McDaniel begins with a pastor who has lost his faith after losing his wife but is still trying to continue to lead his church. He has the advantage and disadvantage of being surrounded by people who believe in him and trust him. In his despair, the Reverend James Stuart Sloan […]

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The Lenient Beast

Fredric Brown was a master of the flash fiction form long before the term was coined. Back in the Forties, Fifties, and Sixties, when genre publications labeled such pieces “vignettes”, Brown wrote scads of them, many of which were collected in Nightmares and Geezenstacks, which I recommend if you can find a copy. His other […]

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