“He Flies”

Summer before last, I was playing guitar and looking out the window at the backyard. The thought drifted up in my mind: it’d been a couple years since I wrote a song, and could I even still do that? There was a little bird sitting on the cable line coming into the house. I started singing to myself, and  the bird worked like a kind of Rorschach test for me. Man, I was just projecting all kinds of stuff onto the little guy. The title of the song that emerged is “He Flies”, and I’m uploading video of a live performance of it here.

We recorded it at Chicago’s last true bastion of the Counter Culture, the Heartland Café, which stands on the corner of Lunt and Glenwood in my neighborhood, Rogers Park. My wife Dorothy is on bass, our friend Andy MacCrimmon is on drums, and I’m playing guitar. The recording quality’s not bad, considering we did it with a Zoom recorder, which is only slightly larger than a cell phone. When I’m playing rhythm, my guitar is too loud, but other than that I think we played the thing pretty well. The audience at The heartland that night was great, and I hope that the excellent vibes come thru on the video.

Let me know what you think.

Oh, and here are the lyrics.                     


 Little bird sittin’ on a telephone wire

Little bird sittin’ there all alone

He’s a singer, and he’s a high flyer

He’s a rover from parts unknown

Tomorrow ain’t got him upset

He don’t care about yesterday

He got here last spring, I bet

Leaves turn brown, and he’ll fly away

He flies, yeah, he flies.

 Little bird singin’ ‘bout the new day

Little bird singin’ ‘bout the dawn

He feels fine and don’t care what you say

He’s gon’ go where he feels drawn

That blue sky and him go way back

Him and that sunshine sure do too

He’s got wings and got the knack

When it’s time he knows what to do

He flies, yeah, he flies

Little bird can’t say where his own home’s at

Little bird don’t even care

He ain’t worried ‘bout a bit of that

It’s on beyond and he’s bound there

He don’t know what’s right or what’s wrong

He don’t know the time of day

But he knows the day is long

And the breeze flows and, oh, by the way

He flies, yeah, he flies


About kentmcdanielwrites

Writer and musician.

2 Responses to ““He Flies””

  1. Very cool, Kent! Sounds like you still got it, man! And how great to have your wife & friend up there with you. You guys sounded awesome and the song was fun. BTW, thanks so much for posting your recent review of Space Orville on Amazon. Truly appreciate that. Sounds like you enjoyed it. Happyhappy 🙂

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