Archive | January, 2013

To KDP Select or Not to…

The Kind Direct Publishing (KDP) Select program is one under which an author gives Amazon exclusive right to distribute his or her book. The most touted advantage of this is that it allows the writer to give away copies of the book, in the Kindle store for a period of five days every three months. […]

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Volunteer Sunflower

This sunflower began growing in our backyard a couple summers ago, a volunteer. We’d planted sunflowers before, but this one just appeared. Generally a sunflower grows to, I don’t know, maybe six feet and has one or maybe two flowers, but this thing just kept growing and growing and sprouting more and more flowers. Eventually […]

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“He Flies”

Summer before last, I was playing guitar and looking out the window at the backyard. The thought drifted up in my mind: it’d been a couple years since I wrote a song, and could I even still do that? There was a little bird sitting on the cable line coming into the house. I started […]

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