Playing At Custer Street

Custer Street Fair 2011

For a long time, Custer Street Fair in Evanston has marked a sort of unofficial start of summer for my wife Dorothy and me. We used to go to it every year, and then we got the idea to try and play at it, so we sent them a demo tape. To our delight they gave us a slot on the bill, and we’ve been playing there ever since. This June will mark our fifteenth year playing at the fair. It’s gotten steadily bigger over the years, but its formula for success has stayed pretty much the same: Good Vibes, Good Food, Good Music, Good Arts and Crafts. It’s just a guaranteed laid-back goodtime if you make it to Custer Street Fair.

Last year’s show was a pretty good one for us. We had a good time playing, caught an excellent set by John Temmerman’s Jazz Obsession, had a few beers, and pigged out on ribs. Besides which Channel 2 was there and featured a slice of our set in their report on the fest. (That, says Dorothy, was our fifteen seconds of fame.) Besides which Windy City Rock was there and gave us a pretty good write-up. Channel 2 doesn’t have their report on last year’s fest up anymore, but if you’d like to read what Windy City Rock had to say about us, just click on

Last year probably wasn’t my favorite show we did a t Custer Street Fair, though. That’d be 2007, when  we recorded our Live at Custer Street  CD. We actually weren’t planning on doing a live CD from that show, just a few vidoes for Youtube. We did record the sound separately, however, so we’d have the option to mix the tracks and tweak the EQ. But when we listened to the songs, we said, “Hey, we were having a pretty good day. We oughta make a CD out of it.” So we got the videos, and we ended up with a live CD we like a lot.

“The News” is one of the songs that came out pretty nice. Our drummer that day, Vic Varjan, did a solid little drum solo in the middle. And we jammed pretty good on it I thought, although we were pumped up on adrenalin and played it almost double the tempo I recorded it at on my About Time  CD. Here’s a video of it.

Another song that we were having fun on was “Jimmy Stu (What’s With You?)” I wrote this one, too, and the words mean something to me, but that day we were definitely into the music, jamming on it. Here’s that one:

Both of those songs, and all the rest of the songs on the album, are available for download at, iTunes, Napster, and just about most places that sell downloads. If you wanted to get a physical copy of the CD, the quickest place to get it would be at, although you could get it from Amazon and some of the other distributors, too.

Anyway, I’m glad to say that we’ll be back at Custer Street again this on June 17th. You gotta get there early though. We go on at 11:00 A.M. Do you know how hard is to sing at eleven in the morning? Not that. You just have to get up early and warm up. Long live Custer Street!

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