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“Paradise Lost” by Hank Reinhardt

                                                                                                                            Or Will Hank Reinhardt                             Ever find Happiness Living                             in Birmingham, Alabama?                               By Hank Reinhardt                          My first encounter with the city of Birmingham, Alabama, was an experience both painful and pleasurable.  Painful: just look at the city.  Pleasurable, it was the first Deep South Con […]

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“Up On The Roof”

         Here and there Watchdogs roll on their caterpillar tracks, looking like miniature tanks, except for the steel jaws. At the edge of the grounds a wall of azure light shimmers, and on an acre of lawn, several fruit trees stand at various points. Jackson Kane stands by a ladder under the apple tree. Atop the […]

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Remembering Gage Park (a review)

Remembering Gage Park by William P. Shunas; self-published through Xlibris; copyright 2010. Available at Barnes & Noble (,, and at  Paperback $15.00-20.00. Kindle edition $7.69              A fictional memoir, Remembering Gage Park  begins: “I was eight years old when I met   Connor. That was they day he nearly put out my eye. You […]

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