“I Saw Her Standing There”

Remember the first Beatles song you ever heard? I do. I was riding around on a Friday night in the early Sixties, and the record hop that came live from the Jaycee Civic Center in Paducah, Kentucky, across the river, was on the car radio. A couple reports had been in the news about this group called The Beatles, who were creating a sensation over in England, but I’d never heard their music. The radio DJ was crowing that he’d got his hands on one of their records and was gonna play it right then and there. A guttural voice ripped into a count-off: “One, two three, four!” This driving bass line exploded over the car speakers, bright chords jangling on top of it, and then that same voice, an urgent growl, started singing about teenage love at first sight. Wow–sure beat the hell out of Bobby Vinton.

That song changed my life, for real,and a lot of my friends had the same thing happen to them with one Beatles song or another. Like a million others, I started playing guitar because of The Beatles, and I still play. Weirdly enough. thoughI never learned “I saw Her Standing There” until last year. Rudy Negrete, a fantastic performer from Chicago’s Southside was going to sit in with us at a gig. Having heard him tear the song up with his own band, I suggested he do it with us. He taught it to me, and after all those decades I finally got to play it.

I’m pasting a recording of us doing it with Rudy in right here.

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