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Waitin’ For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago

By the 1980’s Z Z Top’s new songs were almost novelty numbers. They still put down some pretty nice grooves and some hot licks, but most of their tunes were cutesy little ditties designed to work well with the goofy vidoes they were grinding out for MTV. If anybody looked down their nose at that, the band cried […]

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“Jimmy Stu (What’s With You?)

I Wrote “Jimmy Stu” for all the cosmic cowboys who never thought they’d end up on the daily grind–but did. I’m posting a video of the song, from our last show, a performance of it I especially like. For one thing, that  night everybody seemed to find the groove pretty well. For another, though I’ve always […]

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“I Saw Her Standing There”

Remember the first Beatles song you ever heard? I do. I was riding around on a Friday night in the early Sixties, and the record hop that came live from the Jaycee Civic Center in Paducah, Kentucky, across the river, was on the car radio. A couple reports had been in the news about this group called The […]

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