One Less Elvis (and Other Stories), the cover.

Some review site request request a link to your book’s cover. So I’m going to just post the cover here and use this post for that purpose. And without further ado, here is the cover:  

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One Less Elvis (and Other Stories)

I have a new e-book out, One Less Elvis (and Other Stories). It features five crime stories and/or tales of folks pushed to the existential edge. I’m going to paste in the blurb from Smashwords below: The title story is a 10,000 word novelette set in Chicago in 1993. More specifically at the Anders Regency […]

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More Tomasewski

More Tomasewski; Del Staeker: Musa Publishing; Colorado Springs, CO; 2012; e-book, $3.99.             A series of stories involving Jake Thompson, aka Jan Tomasewski, More Tomasewski is great fun. Jake is good at catching crooks, bad at respecting authority. Which first got him exiled to the despised Administrative Investigations Unit (AIU) and eventually forced out of […]

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b. b. king

About “The Thrill is Gone”

Spring, 1970 I heard it the first time. It jumped from the car radio like a revelation: B. B.’s solo that kicks “The Thrill Is Gone” off. It told the unvarnished truth without wasting a note. I bought the 45 that day. I played it till my stereo needle destroyed the grooves. The tune matched […]

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The Nanayang Polytechnic Symphony Orchestra Rocks Out

I’m posting a link to a  video I ran across. Singapore’s Nayang Polytchnic has a Symphony Orchestra. I don’t know what they usually play, but on this they’re rocking. Their exuberance  is wonderful. The piece they’re playing, “Rock n Roll It!” turned out to be by a fellow I know, Mike Reineking. He’s from my home town […]

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State corporate subsidies are double that of pension costs.

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:
  Washington Post: It’s easy to cast about for other big pots of money to raid when these kinds of shortfalls arise, and no politician wants to raise taxes. There is, however, another big expense that tends to get overlooked: The tax breaks states already hand out to corporations, on…

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Route 176 in Illinois, Thursday January 29, 2014 around 7:30 in the morning. Photo by Megan McDaniel


When the world was young (1968), my friend John Battle wrote the poem below. This winter has brought it to my mind more than once.   Snowfall Whether it fell softly In the cold, quiet Air of early evening, Or was carried helplessly along In an erratic path of glory By the awful winds of […]

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Cayman Islands

Originally posted on toemail:
Excellent! :) Check out Simone’s iPad Art !

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Robert E. Gilbert
circa 1977

Robert E. Gilbert in Black and White

In the 1960s and early 1970s Robert E. Gilbert (or REG as he was known) was a prolific fan artist in science fiction fandom–and a popular one. More than once the members of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance voted him Best Fan Artist, and his work appeared on the covers and inside of Hugo Award […]

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Net Neutrality Is Dead—Here’s How to Get It Back | Common Dreams

Net Neutrality Is Dead—Here’s How to Get It Back | Common Dreams.

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